Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Today, I said the first of my goodbyes to Viet Nam.
The people I've met here have become some of my closest friends, some I now count as family, and I'm so happy to have had this experience. Some have them have left months ago already, and I haven't yet, nor ever will forget them.
It hasn't been a holiday, I think I may have worked longer hours and put more work in here in the last nine months than I ever have before in my life! And there have been some kicking-myself-in-the-head-
would-be-more-useful days but there have been so many more amazing days to make up for it.

Today, one little girl from our program died.
Trang was six years old and attended the hospital for disabled children that we work at here in Tam Ky. She was a sad and frightened little girl and so never let any of the volunteers work with her. She cried all through her physio therapy every single day but her dad kept smiling for her, trying so hard to do everything and anything to help her. But this week, she got an infection in a sore at the base of her spine and the fever killed her. We can only hope her next life will be happier.


Today was the first day I've felt the slightest bit well since I got knocked for six by a full on stomach infection on Friday. And Today was just one of those days where everyone I talked to was lovely, no one tried to rip me off, happy days!

Today was one of those days where everything that could happen did, and it made me remember what I love about this country and why I stayed so long. And even though saying goodbye will be difficult, I'm so lucky to have just as amazing friends and family to go home to who I'm really looking forward to seeing.

And tomorrow's a whole n'other day ...

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